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If you're a new shooter, you've come to the right place!  Let's give you a run down on what to expect during our local matches with the Bitterroot Blasters Club.

Club President:  Tim Thomas

Match Directors:  Tim Thomas, Kevin Olen, Kathy Love

Club Shed/Equipment Manager:  Terry McCrea

Practice Directors: Kevin Olen, Mike VanDam, Terry McCrea

Our biggest priority first and foremost is SAFETY.  We take safety of yourself and others seriously.  This should be a fun and invigorating experience for everyone while feeling safe around others we may not know (and even our friends and family).


Bitterroot Basters is a separate entity from Whittecar Pistol & Rifle Range in Hamilton, Montana.  We work together to schedule our events with consideration of surrounding events/clubs.

Blaster's memberships are available for $40.00.  These memberships, again, are sole memberships of Bitterroot Blasters.  This gives you access to the target shed for practice targets and equipment.  Please note whatever you drag out, you must put away.  There is zero tolerance for our equipment to be left out to the public that do not have a Blaster's membership. 


The Blasters membership does not include the fees associated with the range.  The range has their own daily fees or annual membership fees that must be paid in ADDITION.

For more information about the Whittecar Range and costs, visit their website here.

Bitterroot Blasters match fees are as follows:

  • USPSA Matches $20.00

    • Set up is at 8AM on match day. This is a volunteer sport, ALL shooters are expected to help set up.

  • Steel Challenge Matches $20.00 / first entry, $10.00 / second entry (CANT shoot 2 centerfire pistol divisions)

    • Set up is at 9AM on match day. This is a volunteer sport, ALL shooters are expected to help set up.

We recommend the following gear to shoot matches safely and efficiently:

  • Eye protection  

  • Ear protection 

  • Gun

  • Gun belt

  • Gun holster

  • Mag pouches

  • Mags

  • Ammo

Should you have additional questions, please feel free to reach out prior to your first practice or first match as we would like to help set you up for success and enjoy your first (and all) shooting experiences !!

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